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The Mastermind Unveiled: Behind the Curtain of Audacious Ventures

Ashish Vijay is a Dubai-based investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and businessman with decades of experience in the precious gemstone and luxury jewellery industry, finance, and investment sectors. The chairman and founder of the House of Ashish Vijay, under which falls a group of companies including Meraki Gems and JewelleryTiara Gems, and AV Globale, to name a few. He has recently been appointed director of the ICA Dubai Chapter.

Ashish Vijay built on the legacy of his family’s generational expertise in precious stones and used his acumen to turn his passion into a globally respected company at the cutting edge of sourcing quality stones, inspiring design creativity, and holding auctions that have generated tens of millions of dollars. As well as handling some of the world’s most beautiful cut gemstones, Ashish Vijay also deals in the highly skilled area of sourcing and selecting unpolished stones, making his mark on an expanding international market.

Ashish vijay

Ashish is a sought-after speaker and respected industry source for the media, where he champions transparency, innovation, and relationship development. He has appeared in and been profiled by the likes of Forbes, The Times of India, Business Insider, and more. Philanthropy lies at the heart of Ashish Vijay’s business developments and many enterprises. In 2016, he created the Dubai-based investment fund Seiko Financial Services with the aim of investing in an array of businesses, from small, grassroots enterprises to globally oriented start-ups, as a way to help and mentor the entrepreneurs of the future. Providing venture funds and growth equity, as well as the benefit of his many years in business, Seiko Financial Services seeks to give priority to start-ups by women. As a dedicated father, son, husband, and brother, Ashish believes firmly in women’s empowerment and supporting women-driven businesses around the world to help strengthen economic independence and build better communities.

Ashish Vijay’s work is also his passion, and he has curated a unique private collection of precious stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, alexandrite, and more, procured from all over the world during his global travels.

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