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Ashish vijay

Ashish Vijay: A Gem in Dubai`s Diamond Industry

Dubai is famous for its luxury and beautiful jewellery. People from all over the world come to Dubai to buy original and beautiful jewellery. Diamond jewellery stands at the top of all the jewellery products. Speaking of diamond jewellery, Mr Ashish Vijay is the best diamond jeweller in Dubai.

He was born and raised in India. He belongs to a Jain family; his father, Kamal Chand Jain, was also a jeweller, and his journey with the diamond business began at an early age. His family has been involved in this business for generations. Ashish Vijay is inheriting the rich legacy of his family. Decades ago, Mr. Ashish Vijay decided to set up his business in one of the most important business cities in the world, called Dubai. That decision by this amazing and sharp-minded businessman was the greatest of his life. With that decision, he achieved success very quickly, and because of his great business sense, his business growth became so fast, and his business connections started building very quickly.

Mr. Ashish Vijay has decades of experience and a long legacy in the diamond jewellery market. In this article, we will discuss how Mr. Ashish Vijay has gained trust, customers, and respect in this business.

Ashish vijay


Honesty is the key to success; honesty is something that cannot be bought with money, and through his honesty, Mr. Ashish Vijay has gained a lot of trust in Dubai`s diamond jewellery market. Through his honesty and dedication to his work, he has become Dubai`s top-rated diamond jeweller. People trust him whenever they want to buy any kind of diamond jewellery. Ashish Vijay sources the finest quality diamonds from different parts of the world for his customers at good prices. He provides his clients with original and stylish jewellery, and that is why he has built up a sizeable client base all over Dubai, U.A.E.

Hard Work

Ashish Vijay has worked day in and day out to become Dubai`s premier diamond jeweller. This man believes that hard work is the most important way to gain success. He knows the importance and value of his customers, which is why he keeps working hard for them and sources high-quality original diamond products from different parts of the world.

Ashish vijay
Ashish vijay

High-quality products

Mr Ashish Vijay believes in providing the best diamond jewellery to his clients, and he truly believes that the trust of customers in you is the most valuable and precious thing in any kind of business. He deals in some special-quality red and blue diamonds that cannot be found easily. Also, he deals in premium-quality diamond rings, bangles, and necklaces. If anyone wants high-quality and sophisticated diamond jewellery online in Dubai, they should go for Ashish Vijay’s jewellery brands.

Expanding Business

Mr Ashish Vijay`s business is expanding so quickly. His first known brand was Tiara, but now his other businesses have gained a lot of people`s attention, including a jewellery brand called Meraki and 103 Jain Jewellers. He owns an auction and tender brand named AV Globale, which is becoming famous day by day. He also runs an NGO named Bliss Foundation for the people of India to make their lives easier for those who need help from those who can help them financially and morally.

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